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The Fit Mom Method

The Right Fit

What is the Fit Mom Method?

The Fit Mom Method is a virtual, group, 90 day weight loss and wellness program for busy moms who want to create lasting lifestyle change to feel comfortable in their clothes and confident in their food choices.

This program is for you if you:

  • Are sick of restrictive diets and unrealistic weight loss plans

  • Feel drained and tired

  • Want to make small, manageable changes that stick

  • Have 10+ lbs to lose

This program is not for you if you:

  • Want a quick fix

  • Are not feeling motivated to change (there is some work involved ;)

What is Included in the Program?

The program has 3 components:

The Fit Mom Method Masterclass

  • 12 self paced mini lessons and 2 bonus lessons to take you from confused to confident.

  • Topics start with creating a wellness vision and smart goal setting and progress to your daily and weekly nutrition strategy, turning down fat storage and turning up fat burning.

The Fit Mom Method Playbook

  • Your guide to the course including meal planning templates, 5 weeks of done for you meal plan, grocery lists, mini exercise library of my favorite super short workouts you can stream (for free).

  • This is not an exhaustive manual, only the resources you need to be successful - no fluff.

The Fit Mom Community, Guidance & Accountability

  • A small community of women with similar goals sharing support and motivation. 

  • Weekly check in via email with your coach (me!)

  • Two group coaching sessions per week weekly 12p EST Tues. & 8p EST Thurs.

  • Share your wins, troubleshoot challenges and get your burning nutrition questions answered.

What is the Investment?

If you're like me, you scrolled the bottom of the page looking for this crucial piece of information :) What is the investment for this program? There are two investments:

  • Your time. Change does not happen overnight so I ask that you commit to taking 30 minutes minimum for yourself and your health each day. Ten minutes for the short lessons, at least 10 minutes of activity and 10 minutes to think about/plan/track your eating habits.

  • The program is $297/month. That breaks down to a little over $70 per week. That's not chump change but what will it cost you if you don't change? Time? Energy? More money on prescriptions? Most women who follow my recommendations, lose weight and save money by planning their meals (less takeout, less waste).

You ready to get started?

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