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Virtual Wellness Programming

Are you looking for a way to keep your employees engaged and healthy as they work from home? I can help.

I work with small and large organizations offering both stand alone workshops and programs to empower employees to build health and prevent disease (while eating good food!). 

Check out may latest offerings and don't hesitate to reach out to discuss your organization's goals. I also develop custom programs to meet your needs.

Woman Preparing Food

Foundational Wellness

8 Week Series

An 8 series program that builds a foundation of wellness with simple tools and strategies to build health. Topics covered include: what to eat, meal planning, shopping and cooking, gut health, brain health, longevity habits, exercise and stress management for busy people and inflammation.

Weight Loss Essentials

Sustainable Weight Loss & Wellness

8 Week Series

An 8 series program with a focus on sustainable weight loss strategies. Participants create foundational habits around nutrition, sleep and exercise through SMART goal setting. Topics covered include: personal wellness visioning, what to eat, meal planning, blood sugar balance, fat burning exercise and hydration.

Fresh Strawberries

Eating for Immunity

Single Session

Everyone wants to know how to boost their body's own immunity! Participants will learn about the immune system and daily strategies for firing up your body's first line of defense. Topics covered include: immunity 101, nutrients & foods for immunity, what to eat and what to avoid and the impact of sleep, stress and exercise.

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