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Healthy Last Minute Holiday Gifts

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Looking for some healthy gift ideas for friends and family? We are in the thick of the holiday season and New Years is just around the corner. Come Jan 1, new beginnings are on everyone's mind - especially when it comes to health. So why not give some gifts that make those New Year's resolutions a bit easier?

Here are some of my favorite gifts for the season. Even if your Christmas shopping is done, you may find something for yourself :)

For the person who wants to eat healthy but doesn't have the time (or the desire) to spend hours in the kitchen. This baby cooks in a fraction of the time of a slow cooker and you can sauté in it (no more using 3 pans in addition to the slow cooker). I'm newer to the Instant Pot but I've made some really good recipes in it so far that have been amazing:

The Instant Pot makes it easy to eat healthy because you use whole foods and get tons of flavor in a short amount of time. You can literally grab frozen chicken breasts and raw vegetables out of your refrigerator and in no time have a hot, home cooked meal. You can usually find the Instant Pot at Target, Kohls, Walmart and other big box stores that don't require shipping.

Even if you aren't a runner, these shoes are perfect for staying active. They literally feel like walking on clouds. If you are a Cleveland native, you'll see me in these shoes 99.9% of the time because they are so darn comfortable, I can't take them off. They work for running, cross training, even getting errands done around town. And, there are options for the whole family.

If you're short on time and don't want to wait for a delivery, DSW and Kohls usually have a pretty good selection of New Balance Fresh Foam.

My mom got this for my daughter Brigid last year and we have literally used it at least 4x a week for the entire year. It makes perfect waffles in just a few minutes. It comes in several colors and cleans easily. We make waffles for breakfast several mornings a week and sometimes breakfast for dinner.

Pair it with a healthy waffle mix and REAL maple syrup and you've got yourself a nice little gift you can literally pick up today. Our go to mix is Kodiak Cakes Buttermilk (from Costco), its made with whole grains and whey protein so it has as much fiber as a bowl of oatmeal and as much protein as 2 eggs.

Usually waffles leave you hungry about a half an hour after you eat them but it doesn't have to be that way! Waffles made with white flour and covered with high fructose corn syrup laden fake maple syrup causes a rapid spike and drop in blood sugar that leaves your energy levels in the toilet and leads to hunger pretty quickly after you've eaten.

The Kodiak Cake mix keeps you (and your kids) full and satisfied for hours. If you follow a special diet (vegan, gluten free, paleo, keto), Birchbenders has a huge variety of pancake and waffle mixes that are equally delicious.

Final point here, use 100% real maple syrup. Fake syrup is filled with high fructose corn syrup which is not good for your blood sugar, your liver and your health overall.

Instacart delivers grocery from national chains and local retailers. Its great if you need groceries but can't leave your house (or don't want to!). I was skeptical at first because I like picking out my own produce and getting the newer expiration dates on perishables but I've found their shoppers do a great job. And when they don't, you get a refund, credit or new product without a lot of hassle.

An annual subscription is $99 and you get free grocery delivery on orders over $35. You'll still pay for tax and tip but in my experience the money is well worth it for the time it saves me. Use this link and the code: LMALONE25C18C for $10 off your first order.

One of the number one requests I get from people is meal planning. But the problem with me planning your meals is that its really difficult to get it exactly right - you know your food preferences best. With PlateJoy you answer several questions and a perfectly tailored meal plan is generated just for you. And the best part about it is the grocery list for your meal plan will go right to Instacart if you'd like.

Use this link to sign up and get a $10 credit to try it out.

6. Nutrition and Personal Training Services

If you or a loved one are aiming to get fit in the New Year, support a small business and purchase personal training or nutrition services. Whether your goal is to fit into your pants, recover from cancer treatment or heal your digestive troubles, personalized nutrition with a Registered Dietitian can help. Give the priceless gift of wellness with my 90 Days to Better Health Program. Or, if your gifting a mom, interested in weight loss and wellness, my FIT MOM program may be a good fit. FIT MOM is a 90 day group program and the next session kicks off Jan 4th.

And, if you want to pair personal training with nutrition, check out this offer from Fully Functional Fitness, a local Cleveland company. FFF is offering specials on their virtual and in person personal training and fitness assessment packages.

Fully Functional Fitness is a partner to the Gathering Place, a local organization that is dedicated to supporting the health and wellbeing of people and families touched by cancer. So every dollar spent at Fully Functional Fitness supports the Gathering Place's Wellness Center and overall mission.

  • One-hour session - $60 (20% off)

  • Starter Pack - 3 half hour sessions - $99

  • Resolution Package - Health & fitness screening and 3 half hour sessions - $199*

*Screening includes: Posture Analysis, Body Composition, Cardiovascular/Respiratory Capacity, Strength, Endurance, Balance and Flexibility Assessments

Contact Stephen Cerne at (216) 256-3298 to book your package or email

Last Minute Gifts for the Win

That's it for the healthy last minute gift round up. For more nutrition and wellness tips, follow me on IG @LindsayMaloneRD and on Facebook Lindsay Malone, RD is a reader supported site and may earn a commission from links included in this post. participates in the Emerson Wellevate Associates program as well as the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and earns from qualifying purchases.

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